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    Our Maafa (African Holocaust)

    Husband consoles wife at the auction block.

    David Newton’s superb memorial guarantees that these souls will forever be remembered in the universally honored spirit of triumph over adversity.

    (David Newton’s Freedmen Memorial Park – Dallas, Texas)

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    Amazing tattoos by Sasha Unisex

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i’m laughing more than I should, hahaha shit

That seatbelt is fucking useless



    i’m laughing more than I should, hahaha shit

    That seatbelt is fucking useless

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    Rest in Peace, Karyn Washington (Founder of For Brown Girls and #DarkSkinRedLip)


    Karyn Washington

    I am sad to only be learning of this tremendous activist for women of color after reading memorials celebrating her advocacy, but I can do my part in spreading awareness of her struggles—the one she fought on the outside and the one she fought within herself. Karyn Washington, who founded the website For Brown Girls and leader of the #DarkSkinRedLip project, reportedly took her own life at the young age of 22. 

    Victoria Uwumarogie of Madame Noire describes Washington’s contribution to conversation on women’s portrayal in hip hop:

    The young woman launched her website in order to celebrate the beauty of black women who don’t always feel the love out here, and pushed the project #DarkSkinRedLip to encourage black women of all shades to embrace wearing red lipstick after rapper A$AP Rocky said that women of darker complexions shouldn’t rock it. That project, like For Brown Girls, was about empowering. That’s what Washington was all about.

    Christelyn Karazin of Beyond Black & White explains that Washington’s suicide should remind us to be willing to accept and pursue help in the face of mental health issues:

    Let’s honor Karyn’s memory and continue the work that she started, and take it a step farther. Let’s not just tell black girls and women they are beautiful and worthy. Let’s also tell them that it’s okay to fall back, seek help, and heal.

    Rest in Peace, Karyn. 

    - Anupam

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    The last recorded lynching was 1968 that’s 45 years ago but let’s not forget James Byrd in 1998. Remember, laws had to be implemented for people not to kill us. This is not a post racial society. This is a society that horribly attempts to conceal and protect a racist foundation. #wakeup #throwbackthat #tbt #neverforget #lynching #americanhistory #amerikkka #jamesbyrd

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    Mama Pope looks like the type to be laid up with yo husand and then she call you and tell you to use more fabric softener in the laundry.



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    Spelman sisters in their white dresses. Print available at www.surlyshirtproject.com

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    so what exactly are we building here

    a good time

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    I just did this to my fiancee and he laughed and said okay.

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